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Our staff of Internet SEO Marketing Experts offer a variety of professionally optimized Digital Media Marketing Services to help you crush your competition and Dominate Your Market.

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If you are looking to DOMINATE your market, the fastest and most highly proven way to get the best ROI is to rank all your web properties on Goggle’s first page. Schoneke SEO Search Engine Optimization is the #1 SEO expert and Internet Marketing Agency in the country and we stay on top by constantly studying and tweaking our methods. We are members of an Elite SEO Worldwide Master Mind Group so we know the latest changes needed to stay on top and produce the best results.


Your Reputation can make or break your business, don’t let the misinformation of a vocal minority or even your competitor ruin your livelihood. We can monitor your web presence to insure that you will be fairly represented so we can rapidly move the misinformation out of the way of your success.


Social Media is a proven effective way to attract potential customers for your business, Our Social Media experts will formulate a marketing plan to harness the power of your Social Media properties to drive customers to your website.


If you own a business in todays information age environment you need a website, unfortunately a website alone is not enough. You need a site that attracts visitors, but having a website and attracting visitor is not quite enough. Our designers specialize in creating or redesigning your site to a high conversion, state of the art, mobile friendly money making machine.


Video is rapidly becoming a dominant force for communicating as well as driving traffic to web properties. Our expert Video Marketing crew can script, shoot and optimize a powerful video that will enhance and drive tons of traffic to your website.

How Schoneke SEO Marketing Does it

SEO Formula

After our Schoneke SEO Marketing Experts evaluate your company, its operational procedures and have an initial consultation, we create a customized plan of action to meet your company needs, wants , and goals.

SEO Partnership

You are not just another client, the Schoneke SEO Marketing Firm considers you a partner, and as a true partner you will have full communication and access between us. You will be given our personal cell phone number and email address. We operate through a transparent, open door policy and are happy to answer all questions or concerns that arise. We are eager to get your feedback and/or answer any concerns you may have.

SEO Results

Off like a rocket or gradually you will start moving up the Google ranks in relation to how aggressive your tailored plan of attack is formulated. Like a flash, slow and steady or somewhere in-between your ROI (Return On Investment) can be realized by the increase of just a couple sales per month.

Monthly SEO Reports

Schoneke SEO Marketing Agency wants you in the loop so we provide monthly ranking reports, useful information and good advise that will maintain and increase your online presence to keep you dominating your industry. With these tools you will gain years of growth potential and market domination that will be yours to enjoy thanks to the knowledge of our professional SEO experts.

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Working With The Right SEO Agency

Qualities Of A Good Digital Media SEO Agency

The online marketplace has brought forth a lot of competition with lots of businesses trying to get their share of a target audience. Of course, search engine optimization has allowed a ranking system, allowing those websites with complete optimization to rank higher than the rest. If you are looking for the best Digital Media and SEO expert company, here are some of the qualities you should be on the lookout for.

Fast Turnaround

You need to choose an SEO expert company like Schoneke SEO Marketing that makes strategies and executes them effortlessly allowing you to achieve your business objectives. The best Digital Media and SEO expert company should carry out all the strategies promptly allowing you to realize all the benefits of an optimized website very fast.

Of course, you should request for monthly reports that are completely detailed. That way, you are completely sure of the progress and if there are any aspects that need some fine-tuning so far. Once your site is launched, some technical issues might pop up along the way. The SEO Agency should be ready to provide any necessary support whenever that happens.


Using Ethical SEO Strategies

SEO strategies can be categorized into black hat and white hat. The former refers to strategies that are purposely used to trick the search engines into a higher ranking. The latter refers to techniques that are used in the right way to guarantee gradual and sustained rankings in the search engine results. The best SEO company should always insist on white hat SEO strategies.

Some of the commonly used black hat SEO strategies include doorway pages, invisible text and also spamming. Keep in mind that the major search engines have completely prohibited the use of these black hat strategies. If any site is caught using these strategies, there might be heavy penalization or overall banning.

A good SEO company should always be ethical in their methodology. That means the company should only stick to the latest Organic SEO strategies approved by the search engines. These include relevant or keyword focused content, link building and optimizing meta tags and descriptions.

These strategies can guarantee that the ranking improves steadily and the results are quite sustainable. Therefore, you can enjoy all the benefits of SEO such as brand awareness, increased visibility and more sales without worrying about banning or penalization from the search engines.

Using A Professional SEO Team

A good Digital Media Marketing and SEO Agency should always work with a professional team to deliver exceptional results. All the members of the team are continuously encouraged to stay on top of any search engine updates as well as research that might change their search engine optimization strategies.


On the other hand, the company will always enroll the professional team into training sessions.

If there are any new SEO techniques, the team will always be the first one to know. In simple words, when it comes to tools and technology that can maximize effectiveness, the company will never hesitate. The professional team should comprise of web designers, link builders, copywriters and many more individuals. That way, the client will always get the best services under the same roof.

Setting Realistic And Honest SEO Commitments

One of the outstanding characteristics of a good Digital Media Marketing SEO Agency is the fact that it can set honest and realistic commitments after hiring a new client. It is very disappointing to get big commitments only for the Agency to falter at the end. The company should not be in a rush to getting new clients without actually proving their results.

With honest and realistic expectations, you can count on a gradual as well as sustained improvement in the search engine results. Eventually, you will start enjoying the benefits of SEO with time. The best SEO company should be prepared to show you their previous successes with other companies. Of course, you can always contact the previous clients, if possible to make sure you are in the right place.

Using The Latest SEO Techniques

With the expansion of online marketing, a few changes have spilled over to search engine optimization. The best SEO company should be on the watch for these changes and updates. That way, the company can study the changes and apply them to any clients website for the best optimization results. If you are looking to hire a good Digital Media Marketing Company, Schoneke SEO Marketing Agency constantly studies and is up to date with the most current SEO strategies.

Some of the outdated methods might have worked previously with other clients, but the company should be prepared to adopt new strategies to meet any recent optimization changes. Keep in mind that with every new wave of technology, the search engines are becoming extremely smart. Therefore, a good Digital Media Marketing, SEO Agency should always be ready to change the techniques to match up with the new search engine requirements.


Crush Your Competition with SEO

Click Below to Get Your Fully Customized SEO Marketing Plan.